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Istanbul Marine Salvage Transportation and Consulting was established in 1996 and for years has been meeting the necessary conditions of its work load, with is professional business structure and continuing services in the heavy maritime services sector.

Our company approaches its responsibilities professonally and possesses all types of floating equipment proportioned for each job. The company’s basic policy is to approach projects in a sensitive manner and to provide customer satisfaction.

So far, every one of our projects has been successful and we have continually received praise for our work, from our customers, since the founding of the company , due to our competitive services, based on the great care we provide and our understanding of the work involved.

With our professional attitude , technical resources and competent personnel, our company provides services in both home and international waters, docks, wharfs, lakes and straits in the Turkish gulfs to prevent the spread of spills which may occur from oil tankers and other ships that carry various liquids. We supply emergency intervention and fire extinguishing services and provide security for cargo ships and environmental safety.

In Turkish waters or further out to sea, we provide rescue services to ships of various types and tonnage that have been disabled by accidents at sea, according to the conditions outlined in the (TOF) Turkish Recovery Assistance Agreement and the (LOF) International Standart Recovery Assistance Agreement.

Providing maritime recovery and fortification services, reporting maritime accidents, performing ship to ship (STS) transfer of cargo, fuel and fuel containers, utilizing submarine and floating marine structures,providing discharge scanning services to locate oil pipelines on top of and under the water,anchorage, supplying all types of floating equipment with which to do any job proportionately, providing scuba divers and other diving services, welding services above and below the water, a two-man pressure room to provide emergency operations when service is needed, coordinating shipwreck recovery,fuel removal and fuel transfer, and, in addition, our company provides coastal and open sea tugboat services (supplies, foof services, transport of personnel).

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